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Yamaga’s successor is ready for the league’s restart (photo)

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February 21, 1402 at 01:59


Will Hardani be Nekonam’s stick again?

Saleh Hardani played against Mes with a special motivation.

According to Sport Seh, before the end of the half, in the absence of the team’s defenders, with Nekonam’s decision, Esteghlal defender Saleh Hardani entered the field in the middle defense position, and for this he occupied the vacant positions of Muradmand and Salimi team, and now, in the absence of Kevin Yamaga, he has to play in his specialized position and fill his empty place in the composition of this team in the absence of the French star Esteghlal.

Hardani has been in this team since he was in Esteghlal at the same time as Kevin Yamaga, and he is usually influenced by that player’s good performance on the Esteghlal bench, and when he plays in another position, he also has experience of it , that he was on the bench of Esteghlal The field at the same time, but now It bears a great responsibility to continue the successful process that this French player had in his absence and to strengthen the right side of Esteghlal in the offensive and defensive phases.


Hardani has a different style than Kevin Yamga and this difference will definitely be noticeable during the Esteghlal game. He has a desire to attack more and have an impact and likes to follow his movements on the edge of the line and on the opposite side of Kevin Yamga, his movements are usually He did it without the ball and tried to get in inside or near the penalty area to gain possession of the ball.


Hardani, with the good performance he showed at the end of the first half of the season and the high motivation he shows in Esteghlal’s training, can be one of Esteghlal’s most influential players in the league’s restart and make the most of the opportunity , which was given to him to be present regularly.

Esteghlali currently has Saleh Hardani and Saman Turanian, the young Omid national team defender, in this position and they will wait for the French star’s return to the rest of the league

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