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Someone who can’t stand listening to speeches opens a restaurant!

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November 27, 1402 at 00:56


Pashazadeh: We were a bit uncoordinated in the game against Hong Kong

Mehdi Pashazadeh, a well-known football veteran, talks about the events and circumstances surrounding the Iranian national team.

According to Sport Seh, Iran defeated Hong Kong by 4 goals in the first game. Mehdi Pashazadeh told our reporter about that game: “We scored four goals, that was good, but we were uncoordinated. In my opinion, the children are not yet familiar with the thoughts of the technical staff and it will take some time for them to get used to it.” . We were caught up in a number of our own inconsistencies and individual mistakes, otherwise the opponent had nothing to say. Hopefully we can show good results in the next games like this. From now on it is very important to know how we play. We have the necessary tools and we must use them at the Asian Games to be successful.

Regarding Nourollahi’s dismissal and whether he leaves the right to the technical staff or the player, he continued: The technical staff is right, there should be discipline in the team and the player should respect his coach. The players and technical staff are under pressure, just like Burke in the German national team, to whom something like this happened, but in general for me as a coach such things are always wrong, and I always tell my players that they can’t stand it , listen, you chose the wrong job. You should open a supermarket and a restaurant, not play football!

The Iranian football veteran said of Jahanbakhsh’s injury: An injury is the worst thing for an athlete. I hope that Jahanbakhsh can play for the national team and his club team as soon as possible.

Pashazadeh said about the national team’s plan to win against Uzbekistan: The program depends on the technical staff as well as the analysis and knowledge of the opponent. This game is a good benchmark for the national team. In order to be successful in the Nations Cup, we have to be able to win games like this.

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