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Striker puts Eintracht under pressure: Eintracht Frankfurt: Kolo Muani wants to force PSG changes

Status: 08/29/2023 10:25 p.m

Randal Kolo Muani breaks his silence and forces his move to Paris St. Germain in an unauthorized interview. His approach is reminiscent of the strikes by Filip Kostic or Ousmane Dembele, Eintracht Frankfurt remains calm.

Three days before the end of the change period comes in the Poker about Randal Kolo Muani real fire. The Frenchman spoke up on Tuesday evening in an interview with Sky that was not authorized by Eintracht and insisted on his departure from Frankfurt. “I would like to move to Paris and I have informed those responsible,” said Kolo Muani. “I hope and wish that Frankfurt will agree to the offer from Paris and that this change will now be made possible for me.” So Kolo Muani increases the pressure on the Hessians.

Harmony before a wild week

Eintracht, who knew nothing about Kolo Muani’s actions, reacted with surprise according to hr information, but remains calm. The fact is that there is an offer from Paris. According to hr information, the offer from Paris, which Kolo Muani declared on Sky as a “record offer”, is far from the ideas of Eintracht sports director Markus Krösche. The requested transfer fee of 100 million euros is still valid, but Paris does not want to or cannot pay it at the moment. Means: Either Paris increases the offer – or Kolo Muani stays.

But it is also clear that the coming days could be uncomfortable for Eintracht. A strike like that of Filip Kostic, who refused to travel to Bielefeld two years ago and thus wanted to blackmail his move to Lazio Rome, no longer seems to be out of the question. Since Kolo Muani’s advisor Moussa Sissoko, who is probably also behind the change request expressed in the media, was right when Ousmane Dembele switched from Borussia Dortmund to FC Barcelona in the summer of 2017, it remains to be seen whether and where Kolo Muani will be this week shows up. His role in the playoff second leg against Levski Sofia is currently open.

Eintracht was very far with replacing Kolo Muani

Another reason why Krösche remains tough in the scramble for Kolo Muani is that PSG missed the optimal time to make an offer. According to hr information, Eintracht was already on the home stretch of negotiations with a possible successor to the French international and would have been ready to talk to Paris about a transfer from Kolo Muani. However, since those responsible at the top club hesitated too long and only became active in the final sprint of the transfer summer, Eintracht now sees no reason to approach PSG.

Either way, the future of Kolo Muani is still open. The 24-year-old definitely wants to go to Paris and has now made this wish effective in the media. On the other hand, Eintracht is still in control. It is also clear that since Kolo Muani is not one of the big earners in Hessen, Eintracht could even afford to put their best man on the bench for the time being. Since he absolutely wants to be at the European Championship for his home country next summer, he cannot afford to play as a reserve player or make several weak appearances in a row.

A decision will be made by Friday evening at the latest. In Germany, the transfer window closes at 6 p.m., but transfers to France are still possible until 11 p.m. A lot can happen before then.

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