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Futsal: Kokoro Harada, the “typhoon” that came from Japan

19-year-old Kokoro Harada is the first Japanese to wear the FC Barcelona jersey in one of his departments. The “Typhoon”, who came from Japan, as he was christened during his debut at the IV CD Salesianos Tenerife tournament at the age of 14, has given an interview to the official media of the Barça club […]

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Turkish Sport

Sultans of the Net traveled to Japan for Olympic goal – last minute volleyball news

The women’s national volleyball team, which will compete in Group B of the Paris 2024 Olympic qualification, flew to Tokyo on a Turkish Airlines (THY) plane to play the group matches between September 16 and 24. The “Sultans of the Net”, the Nations League and European champions, were sent off from Istanbul […]

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