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Futsal: Kokoro Harada, the “typhoon” that came from Japan

19-year-old Kokoro Harada is the first Japanese to wear the FC Barcelona jersey in one of his departments. The “Typhoon”, who came from Japan, as he was christened during his debut at the IV CD Salesianos Tenerife tournament at the age of 14, has given an interview to the official media of the Barça club in which he describes his current moment with respect analyzed to the first team. Harada is very satisfied: “Lately I have been taking part in more games, before I played less. It’s clear that the more I play, the more I enjoy it.”

He admits he’s having a great timen “in training. These are times when I have a good time.”

Harada talks about his experiences on the day of his debut: “I was very nervous before the game, but my first teammates laughingly told me not to tell the coach.”

Speaking of the first team, these are all good words: “The players on the team are the best in the world. I admire them all, but Dyego and Pito are very good. Catela and Matheus are very talented players. They are all the perfect example to learn from.”

I will work hard to be one of the best players in the world


And it makes them the best in the world: “In indoor football there are four positions and here in Barcelona there are the best players in every position.”

Harada sets himself a goal: “My goal in Barcelona explains why I am here. I will work hard to be one of the best players in the world.”

Ari Santos, Jordi Torras’ right-hand man in the coordination of Barça’s training teams, explains what motivated them to sign Kokoro Harada: “We saw him at a first tournament when he was 14 years old in Tenerife. In attack he is a spectacular player, but to play at the highest level in a team like Bara, defense is also important and that is what we are working with him for.”

Assume that the physical part is the key: “In the two years he’s been with us physically, he’s doing a lot better. If his defensive level improves, he will be in the first team.”

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