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Rubiales affair: Spain’s world champions go on strike

Status: 08/25/2023 9:15 p.m Spain’s soccer world champions go on the barricades against the national association RFEF and its controversial president Luis Rubiales. The 23 players who won the World Cup final in Sydney last Sunday no longer want to play for their country under the current leadership of the association. “After everything that happened […]

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Javier Lozano scans Luis Rubiales’ ‘black history’: his keys to power according to ‘The Godfather’

javier lozanoPresident of National Futsal League (LNFS)He was very tough with Luis Rubiales (without naming him) in his post “The Godfather” trilogy Who posted? LinkedIn. With this post, I’m completing my personal trilogy about one of the most embarrassing cases I’ve ever experienced in my 40+ years in the sport. javier lozano “With this post, […]

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