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Javier Lozano scans Luis Rubiales’ ‘black history’: his keys to power according to ‘The Godfather’

javier lozanoPresident of National Futsal League (LNFS)He was very tough with Luis Rubiales (without naming him) in his post “The Godfather” trilogy Who posted? LinkedIn.

With this post, I’m completing my personal trilogy about one of the most embarrassing cases I’ve ever experienced in my 40+ years in the sport.

javier lozano

“With this post, I also complete my personal trilogy about one of the most embarrassing cases I have ever experienced in my more than 40 years in the sport. Which was a milestone, a cause for national pride, a historic claim, the breaking of barriers and our…” Because of our atavistic mindset, it turns out that because of the freeloaders meddling in other people’s marriages, we take the focus off the detracted from the freshness, illusion and hope of the universe of women’s football in particular and from the equality of sport in general. , declared two-time world champion as Spain coach.

Because of the free riders that sneak into other people’s weddings, we have diverted focus from the freshness, illusion and hope of the universe of women’s football in particular, and from equality in sport in general

javier lozano

“You take the time to leave if you had dignity…”writes Javier Lozano to Luis Rubiales.

Javier Lozano denounces Luis Rubiales’ “black history” and “impunity”.

In his previous post, Javier Lozano sharply criticized this Words of Luis Rubiales in COPE, who made fun of those who criticized his non-consensual kiss on the mouth to Jenni Hermoso: “The most primal thing I heard was that not only did he not regret it, but that he offended all of us who viewed his act as a caveman rather than a civilized being. The world was upside down.”

Rubiales defends himself with an attack: “It’s a culmination of two friends… we’re not for nonsense”The game of COPE

“In this black, very black story of this public figure and representative of a sport that doesn’t deserve this torture, there is one question that troubles me and that I have long denounced: you can have enough genes to be. “Disrespectful and diabolical, but it doesn’t surface unless he feels immune and unpunished,” he denounces.

The keys to The Godfather’s power: belonging, submission, money, revenge…

In the contribution inspired by the “The Godfather” trilogy and dedicated to Luis Rubiales by Javier Lozano, the President of the LNFS “scans” the Keys to Power suggests a possible parallelism with the president of the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation)..

The chronology of all the consequences of Rubiales’ kiss on Jenni Hermoso… until now

These keys of power are the TemplateThe belonging (“In order for us to make you feel part of the family, you must kill, stain your hands with blood, to be credible and accepted”), The trial takes place with the revolver on the table, revengeThe “Family”He Money (“It is one of the reasons, not always the noblest, that unite a pack of colorful characters. The glue of wrong pieces”, the immunityHe may and that end of the act.

Towards the end of the act he declares: “When the boss, leader, tyrant, or some similar synonym appears weak, his own hyena cubs are the first to execute him, directly or indirectly. In the end, it’s still a representation of the rules of the jungle. The “damn master” comes to power the same way they will dethrone him. No worries. We shouldn’t be outraged. It is the law of animal life.”

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