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The former Persepolis striker next to the line of the Tabriz Stadium!

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March 23, 1402 at 02:38


Shpitim Arfi transmits Masoud Shojaei’s orders from the side of the line to the field using a tractor.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Shpitim Arfi, a player who was introduced to Iranian football by playing in Persepolis and wearing the red number 8, has been in Iran for many years and also spends his coaching career in the Iranian league.

He, who trained for a time in Persepolis, was added to the technical staff of this Tehran team when Masoud Shojaei came to Hawadar.

In certain situations the fan faces the tractor. In this game, head coach Masoud Shojaei as well as Hamid Abdullahi and Mahmoud Shojaei, Masoud’s first and second assistants, are suspended and have to watch the work from the podium.


In this situation, Shpitim Arfi, Shojaei’s other assistant, will be responsible for standing at the side of the line and relaying tactical orders.

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