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The suspected penalty scene caused controversy! (Master)

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12 Sep 1402 at 00:41


Critical collision in the penalty area

The scene of the encounter with Mohammad Aghajanpour in the penalty area was examined by referee experts.

After Siamak Nemati missed a chance in Esteghlal Khuzestan’s penalty area, Mohammad Aghajanpour quickly gained possession and fell on the ground leaving the penalty area, according to Varzesh Se.

While Aghajan rolled and the Tractor players continued their protest, Seyedreza Mahdavi simply ignored this scene, not announcing a penalty and suspiciously adjusting it.

Although Tractor scored after Gustavo Vagnin’s goal in the 4th +90th minute. scored three points in the minute, this suspicious scene was investigated by refereeing experts, who of course do not agree on it.

You can read their views below:

✅ Mohammad Hossein Tarabian: Resuming the game was the right decision made by the referee in that scene.

❌ Mehdi Aaliqader: The defender hits the attacker’s thigh with his left foot and the referee should have called a penalty for Tractor.

✅ Ebrahim Mirzabigi: Two mistakes are made in a row in this scene. First the Traktor player fouls the opposing defender and then the Esteghlal Khuzestan player commits a foul.

✅ Toraj Haqvardi: This scene is not at all clear, but when the ball was sent to the goal, the player pushed the opponent’s tractor and the referee should have declared a foul in favor of Esteghlal.

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