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Totti on Bobo TV: “Roma qualifies for the Champions League”

The former Roma captain visiting his friend Vieri: “I would endorse Mourinho, but if he were to leave I would always want a high-level coach. The derby? If two teams have a total of three shots on goal, it can.” That doesn’t add up. Then when Karsdorp makes them…”

Massimo Cecchini


Francesco Totti running freely on the “new” Bobo TV, between the national team and especially Roma. “Italy versus Macedonia? It should be easy on paper, but the paper tears. Let’s hope we win. If we don’t even go to the European Championships after the World Cup, it will be tough. However, the focus of his speech is Rome. “I saw the derby: a game in which Lazio Rome has two shots on goal and Roma has one shot cannot be a match. At least in our time there would have been an additional slope. It’s hard to understand why players of the caliber of Dybala and Lukaku can’t get a shot on goal. You may not have given them the ability to do this, but in a game like this it’s impossible not to. Roma is well-equipped to finish in the top four. Things started very badly in the championship, then things picked up again. However, if Karsdorp fired the first three shots yesterday, it gives cause for thought. What is Rome missing? What can give more? These are the moments when you find it difficult to reach the top four spots. Not all top teams lose points in this way, as was the case with Milan and Naples. If Roma had won the derby, the season would have changed. Instead, Lukaku didn’t shoot on goal. Roma are equipped to play better and are structured to finish in the top four. After many years without taking part in the Champions League, now is the right time to return to the competition. He made targeted and important purchases, people who played for big clubs. If they team up, it could reach the top four. Something has to change. However, in January they will have difficulty buying others, it will be very difficult. So for me, January purchases only cause problems. They’re all people who don’t play anywhere else. You have to know the city and the team. Before you join the group…”


However, what appears to be a criticism of Mourinho’s game is toned down. “José is one of the greatest coaches in the world. Along with Ancelotti, he is one of those who have won the most. In two years he has led you to two finals. This had never happened in Europe before. He deserves praise for that alone. I, who come from Roma, should thank him for my life. If he led the team to the Champions League this year… For me, Mourinho has to stay in Rome, but I don’t want to go too far. If he stayed I would be happy; If he leaves, I hope someone comes from a great team. The conference? It’s always a trophy. Of course it won’t be the Champions Cup, but it’s still an international trophy. Then getting into the final of the Europa League is not easy, because the Champions League teams go down. It’s always tough abroad, look at how Roma lost in Prague. I would rather reach ten finals and lose all ten than never be there. And then with Mourinho there is always a full house. Will there be a reason or not?”


Totti remains optimistic about the future. “Dybala is the linchpin of this team, the technically strongest, then there is the strength of Lukaku. Together they form a top pair that every Serie A team would want. Lautaro-Thuram are strong, but as a former footballer I would take Dybala-Lukaku. They are a perfect couple, let’s hope they show it to us as soon as possible because everything depends on the physical problems. When Lukaku gets five balls, he throws in one or two. The end credits are wistful as Vieri asks him about his return to Rome. “Enough with this question. Every time they do an interview it ends up here. And then I give the same answer: marriages are made in pairs. On the other hand, there is no such will, but I will always be there. Even if I’m not inside, it’s like I’m there. Ultimately, this is also a declaration of love.

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