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Volleyball Olympic qualification, Italy – Czech Republic 3:1

De Giorgi’s boys beat an aggressive Czech, especially in the first set. Tomorrow at 10 p.m. it will be Qatar’s turn

First victory with a little more worry than expected for Italy in the men’s event at the pre-Olympic tournament in Brazil. The European runner-up returns, defeats the Czech Republic and faces Qatar tomorrow in Italy at 10 p.m.

Italy Rep. Czech 3:1 (24:26, 25:18, 25:22, 25:19)

The Czech Republic started strongly in the first set, which was closely fought. The Czechs (with strong support from the Brazilian public, who see Italy as the most credible opponent in this home tournament) led by the former Lube Hadrava lead much of the faction and even reach 12-7 when Ferdinando De Giorgi dies Time begs – I’ll try to clarify things a little. The Azzurri, surprised by their aggressiveness in serves and blocks, recovered and overtook 18:17, but the Czechs ended the set with a lead, thanks in part to seven point errors from Giannelli and his teammates.

Blue answer

In the second set, Italy showed its values ​​on the pitch. At halftime the game is still a bit even, but the Azzurri are superior. The set ends with a nice dunk from Romanò 25-18 in 27′. Even the accounts. In the third movement the balance returns. Michieletto is targeted on serve and De Giorgi brings Rinaldi into play and the Modena spiker proves an effective weapon to keep the Czechs at bay and close out the set. In the fourth round the Azzurri dominate and Italy close the score. Eighteen points in the end for Romanò and 14 for Lavia, while the central Galassi finishes with twelve points

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