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A new war between Khatir and Nekunam for training!

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Head coach: The fans should come/Managing director: Nobody is allowed in

Holding Esteghlal training in the presence of fans or behind closed doors has become the latest dispute between the club’s management and the head coach.

According to “Varzeh Se”, the differences between the management of the Esteghlal club and the head coach of this team are taking on new dimensions every day. Ali Khatir and Javad Nekonam have fallen into a heavy and senseless tension in a strange war and two armies formed against each other, constantly throwing splinters of this conflict at the club and fans.

In the latest case of strange and unbelievable differences between the parties, people close to Javad Nekonam announce that the team will train on Friday in the presence of fans. A topic that has been reported in the media and fans are also planning to visit the Nasser Hejazi camp.

However, a few hours after the publication of this news by people trusted by the head coach, the club’s official media on Telegram, which is under the supervision of the club’s management and Ali Khateer, suddenly published a notice and claimed that training will take place tomorrow The event will take place like others days behind closed doors and the presence of fans requires obtaining some permits.


Tractor boltsThe text of this announcement states that the presence of fans requires coordination with some institutions:

“In recent hours it has been erroneously rumored in cyberspace that Esteghlal training on Friday will take place in the presence of fans, but the official media of Esteghlal Club denies this rumor and announces that there is no request from the coach and the club The technical staff of the Esteghlal team has given the club the opportunity to train in the presence of spectators. This has not been presented and, given the unfortunate incidents that occurred at the start of the season, conducting training sessions in the presence of spectators requires coordination with the relevant institutions.

Tractor boltsThe continuation of this announcement also mentions that training on Friday will take place behind closed doors and fans will be notified if they need to attend:

Therefore, independence exercises still take place behind closed doors. The training on Friday, October 7th, will take place without spectators, like the previous days. If there will be spectators at training in the future, Esteghlal Club will inform about Fahim’s fan service through the official media.”

This announcement was made in a situation where the head coach’s media team and the management media team are working in completely opposite directions and in two separate directions. Among other contradictions and various news about Esteghlal, one can talk about the Spanish coaches, the presence of Gustavo Blanco in Tehran, the registration of this player’s contract, the unauthorized departure of players like Barzegar and Saidifar, the recruitment of a new foreign player, etc. Departure and whereabouts of players like Mehri, Ramezani, Hamidifar and… emphasized.

An interesting point is that Esteghlal media on Telegram from time to time encourages fans to follow the news from the club’s official media, but the last notification or publication of pictures from Esteghlal games or training was on September 6th, so exactly a month ago official game and the Premier League returns against Esteghlal Khuzestan.

Since this meeting, Javad Nekonam and his media team have not allowed the publication of images from Esteghlal’s training or friendlies, and the club management has not yet signed the contract with the head coach’s confidants to be appointed to the Blues’ media team.

It appears that Jalaluddin Masharipov’s non-hiring has not remained unaffected by events. After the Blues failed to recruit this player, the Esteghlal fans raised strong objections to this issue, and perhaps the club’s management team thought that there would be controversial and uncontrollable events in the stands if training was attended would take place by spectators. For this reason, the Blues’ managers vetoed the decision of Nekonam and his relatives to allow fans to attend Friday’s training, strange events that we have never seen before. In addition, the fact that the news and decisions of Khatir and Nekonam’s media teams are different causes the media to react with doubts and ambiguities regarding their publication, as there is always the possibility that news may be published by either party. be rejected by the other party; The problem we observed during training on Friday.

In any case, the Esteghlal Club is currently experiencing one of the strangest situations in its history. Where the CEO and the head coach have been in an all-out war and in two separate corps against each other for the last 70 days, and it seems the only thing that doesn’t matter to either side of the story is the fate of the Blues in this year’s season Premier League competition.

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