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Yamaga and Hamidifar met again (photo)

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February 19, 1402 at 02:30


On Wednesday evening, Kevin Yamaga and Omid Hamidifar met and spoke.

According to Varzesh Se, Esteghlali’s young midfielder Omid Hamidifar, who had a tough fight with Kevin Yamaga during part of training a few weeks ago and led to his injury, met him again on Wednesday.

After the bitter incident that befell Yamaga and severely damaged his eye, Hamedifar tried many times to console him. However, Esteghlal fans still blame the blue midfielder for this injury.


In this situation, Yamaga went to the Esteghlal training ground on Wednesday evening and had a warm and sincere meeting with the Esteghlal players. Meanwhile, the French-Cameroonian star met with Omid Hamidifar Zarab in person to clarify that there is no particular problem between them.

In the video released by the Esteghlal Club about Yamga’s presence at the training ground, the meeting between Hamidifar and Yamga is also depicted.

Yamaga, who recently underwent further surgery on his left eye, must continue his treatment and hopes that his vision will be perfect again as soon as possible and he can return to the football fields. Even though he missed the current season.

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