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Zelig, the comedians of the episode of Thursday November 30th on Canale 5

Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada lead the comedy group

Riccardo Cristilli

The appointment with the new edition of continues Zelig, on Canale 5. The first episode reached 2.8 million viewers and a market share of 18.2%, flattering figures for a show that features a long line of comedians in a time when you can only go to Instagram or Tik Tok need to find one Sketch and then immediately move on to something else.

Zelig’s formula

But Zelig It’s kind of a cult comedy venueable to launch important comedians in the historical era between the late 90s and early 2000s. How Teresa Mannino Who will be among the co-hosts of? Sanremo 2024. In the 2023 version there will be the two symbolic faces of Zelig, Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada, the historic pair of presenters of the editions on Canale 5 (the show was originally created on Italia 1 with Michelle Hunziker). The performance took place at the TAM Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan in front of a paying audience, and you could even get tickets for the recording.

The comedians of the second episode of Zelig

In the second episode of Zelig Tonight on Canale 5 and streaming on Mediaset Infinity from around 9.30 p.m. several comedians from the show’s past and present will appear. They will be on stage on Thursday, November 30th Max AngioniDado, Antonio Ornano, Marta and Gianluca, Maurizio Lastrico, Vincenzo Albano, Eddie MirabellaCorinna Grandi, Federica Ferrero, Simone Barbato, Andrea Paris, Davide Calgaro, Omar Pirovano, Francesco Migliazza and Michele Cosentino. But not only because he will be a guest in the second episode on November 30th on Canale 5 Andrea Pucci.

Exploration activities on site

All comedians and guests themselves are introduced Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada and in some cases they will interact with them. The program is also a training ground for young and new comedians. The creators of the program Gino & Michele With Giancarlo Bozzo they looked for talent among the Italian clubs and found someone they could bring to the stage. Who knows which of them will become popular phenomena like the many that were launched from the Zelig stage, both that of the historic Milanese venue and that of television.

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