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Ozonidos makes a serious effort to achieve a special goal (photo)

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January 29, 1402 at 1:20 am


The head coach of Greece’s Golgarh hopes to achieve the mission in the second half of the tournament that his team was unable to achieve in the first half of the season.

According to “Varzesh Se”, the first half of the season did not go particularly well for Golgohar despite the good start to the competitions and the ups and downs they experienced in the 15 games of the first half of the season due to the long breaks in the league led to that In the end they didn’t get past seventh place and received 24 points.

This was the topic that Ozonidos addressed in the encounter of his team’s last game in Isfahan against Zob Ahan, emphasizing that he was not at all satisfied with the performance of his team’s players against Isfahanis Sabzeposhan and also with the performance of the students in the first game Half of the season.


Nowadays, the Greek head coach Golgohar in Sirjan has put a lot of pressure on his students to get them into the shape he wants so that they can achieve the results he wants so that they are ready to go. The points lost in the first half of the season are added to the total points. Compensation must be paid to the applicants.

Photos: Javad Nadripour

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