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Absence of two famous Persepolis players at the club’s 60th anniversary celebration

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December 2, 1402 at 7:12 p.m


Two famous veterans of Persepolis were not present at the celebration of Persepolis’s 60th birthday.

According to the report of “Varzesh Se”, a small celebration was held this evening to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Persepolis club at the Shahid Kazemi Stadium.

The Persepolis Club had invited some famous veterans to this celebration, some of whom were absent.

While Mahmoud Khordbin and Hossein Kalani were present at this birthday celebration, Ali Parveen and Reza Watankhah were unable to attend the Reds’ celebration.


Watankhah could not go to the Shahid Kazmi Stadium due to his wife’s illness and there was a problem for Ali Parveen who could not attend the Persepolis team’s training ground.

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