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Futsal: Movistar Inter-FC Barcelona, ​​​​the bomb in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey

The hype surrounding the Copa del Rey round of 16 draw couldn’t have been more moody. Firstly, by pairing Movistar Inter with FC Barcelona, ​​​​in the first match in which Jess Velasco’s team will take part, which will be played on January 16, 2024.

In addition, he also wanted the two first division teams from the Murcia region, Jimbee Cartagena and ElPozo Murcia face each other in the department’s Sports Palace.

Round of 32 revelation team Oleoinnova Mengbar will play at home against Osasuna Magna. “It’s a very nice game, a very well-coordinated team. We hope to see each other again in another draw,” said José Antonio Luna “Colacho,” Mengbar’s player who was invited by the RFEF to participate in the draw via telematics.


Oleoinnova Mengbar – Osasuna Magna

Jimbee Cartagena – ElPozo Murcia Costa Clida

Servigroup Pescala – Via Albali Valdepeas

Real Betis – Family Cash Alzira

Industrias Santa Coloma – Mallorca Palma Futsal

ATP Iluminacin Tudelano Ribera Navarra – Jan Paraso Interior

Movistar Inter – Bara

World Heritage Crdoba – El Hidalgo Manzanares cheese

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