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Ali Jahan won the duel between Brighton and Feyenoord!

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February 15, 1402 at 02:30


The team captain was proud in the duel with the two opposing stars.

According to Sport Seh, Alireza Jahanbakhsh showed one of his best performances in the national team on the day he wore the captain’s armband.
With the departure of Ehsan Haj Safi from the national team, the captaincy went to Alireza Jahanbakhsh, who was already the best player in the Iranian team in the first half and exceeded expectations.

In that game, Ali Jahan saw Ayase Ueda, his current teammate at Feyenoord in the Netherlands, in the opposing team, but on the day the Iran captain shone, his Feyenoord teammate had nothing to say.

Japan also sent Brighton star Mitoma onto the field in the second half. A player who took Jahanbakhsh’s place in this English Asian football team and became a star. By the way, in one scene of the game there was a wonderful duel between Jahanbakhsh and Mitoma, and after their number 7 Ali Jahan managed to defeat Mitoma, he showed an exciting and extraordinary move to prove that he is not smaller than Mitoma .

Finally, through this sensitive penalty, the captain of the national team became the star of this game and received the highest score from football sites to show his greatness and forget all the criticisms that were leveled against him.

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