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Futsal: Women’s Super Cup: Caridad takes Pescados Rubn Burela to a new final

It is no coincidence that they are the most successful teams in national women’s indoor football. Pescados Rubn Burela and Futsi Navalcarnero played a real final before the semi-final compared to Poio Pescamar and STV Roldn.

The Crdoba withdrew their team At the start of the game, Patri reacted by shortening the distance, but Mara Sanz scored the goal that should have calmed things down.

Futsi Navalcarnero poses before the semi-finalFUTSI ATLTICO NAVALCARNERO/RFEF

In the second half Pescados Rubn Burela She fired gunpowder: Irene Samper closed the gap and Emily Marcondes showed why she is the top scorer by making it 3-3 from 10 meters, and the Brazilian even managed to avoid extra time.

12 penalty shots were necessary to determine the final score (3-3 and 6-5), in which Caridad was decisive, stopping Pilar for the twelfth time. Previously they had met: Anta Prez, Irene Samper, Rafinha, Patricia Ortega, Emily Marcondes and Dany Domingos for Pescados Rubn Burela and Leti, Irene Crdoba, Laura Crdoba, Mara Moreno and Mara Sanz for Futsi Atlético Navalcarnero.

Laura Crdoba, 4′; Irene Crdoba 7′ Patri 15′, Mara Sanz 18′ Irene Samper 32′ Emily Marcondes 35′ from 10 meters

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