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Bahrain head coach: I was sure we would win Malaysia

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January 30, 1402 at 11:45 p.m


I’m proud of my players;

The head coach of the Bahrain national team said that before the game against Malaysia, he was sure that his students would get three points in this game.

According to Sport Se, the Bahraini national team managed to defeat Bahrain in the second round of the group stage, finishing third in their group and still maintaining their chance of advancing to the elimination round of the tournament.

Juan Antonio Pizzi, head coach of the Bahrain national team, said at the post-match press conference: “I was confident that the victory against Malaysia would be ours.”

He then praised his team’s players and said: I am very proud of the players’ performance in today’s game, they did very well and achieved our goal in this game.

The Bahrain head coach continued: Even though we had a difficult game, we kept cool and managed to score a goal.

At the end he said: Now we finish the game against Malaysia and prepare for the next game against the Jordan national team.

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