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Follower: Judges have a domineering attitude towards us

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November 18, 1402 at 10:40 p.m


We realized that beautiful football is not enough;

Amirhossein Pirovani says the judging panel and the federation should listen to their words instead of banning the coaches.

According to the report of “Varzesh Se”, Amirhossein Pirovani, the coach of Esteghlal Khuzestan, said in the press conference before the Melvan game: “Our game is against a good Melvan team.” Melvan has a brilliant track record at the country’s football level and introduced great players to the country and this year he is showing good football with Mr. Tartar.

* Beautiful football is not enough
Our team didn’t get the necessary points in terms of quantity, but our players have good qualities in terms of quality. We recognize that beautiful football is not enough and we must show up on the field with a plan based on what we know about the sailor and I promise that we will be a hard-working team on the field and a better process will have the future.

* Listen to the words of experienced trainers instead of withholding them
It is not enough that the only result of the coaching conversation is a suspension and a fine. You must find the cause of these events. Former referees were more experienced, had better communication with coaches and officiated games better. It is better to listen to the words of experienced trainers.

*Judges have dominant literature
We had very nice judges with whom I was in contact. In the academic environment, many problems were often solved with management and through good and friendly communication. Now these dominant thoughts and the literature that the referees tell the coaches are perhaps 50% of the problems.

* Youth in the independence of Khuzestan
I have coached more national teams than league teams. For more than ten years I was the head coach of the youth and Omid teams, and on the other hand, Mr. Pour Mousavi was the head coach of the youth national team for several years and we have a special focus on young players. Apart from the fact that the result is very important and we hope to keep the good Esteghlal Khuzestan team in the league, we are looking for worthy young players to gain experience in the Esteghlal Khuzestan academy and both technically and economically in the coming years can be useful.

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