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Futsal: A renewed Mallorca Palma Futsal tests Movistar Inter

Check out the Primera standings and see how Mallorca Palma Futsal are at the top of the table. It shows the great work done by the Palma club over the summer. Less than five months ago, Antonio Vadillo’s men were crowned European champions with a squad that included Marlon, Tomaz, Cainan, Eloy Rojas, Dani Saldise and Mancuso. Now the team, led by Jos Tirado’s sports directorate, consists of Salar, Marcelo, Rmulo, Vilian and Bruno Gomes.

With so many movements, it seems impossible that the result stays the same: Mallorca Palma Futsal counts its four games by victories and hosts Movistar Inter tomorrow (9:00 p.m.), ready to distance Movistar Inter, one of the title candidates, to 11 points, since the first game for participation has already been played in the “main round” of the next UEFA Futsal champions.

Marcelo, Moslem, Chaguinha, Jaume Bauz and Tayebi celebrate the win against Bara.

Movistar Inter has also renewed its squad. The arrival of Jani Korpela, Humberto, Terry Prestjord and Pablo Ordez, as well as the recovery of José Antonio Raya and the addition of Jhonnas Rodrigues da Silva to the first-team dynamic have boosted the performance of Pato’s squad.

However, the results do not agree. It is true that they faced an ElPozo Murcia team that wanted to win the league (tomorrow it will be tested against Crdoba, a World Heritage Site) and on Sunday they got a very dangerous Jan Paraso Interior.

Tomorrow’s duel in Son Moix (9 p.m., Teledeporte) will be exciting. As if there were few incentives missing, Antonio Vadillo showed that his Mallorca Palma Futsal can score four goals against Barcelona with a player goalkeeper.

Jani Korpela, Lazarevic, Hugo Alonso and Joan in the Movistar Inter-Family Cash Alzira, from the first league matchday.

Jani Korpela, Lazarevic, Hugo Alonso and Joan in the Movistar Inter-Family Cash Alzira, from the first league matchday.MOVISTAR INTER

In statements to the official media of Movistar Inter, Jani Korpela He appreciated his feelings: I am very lucky to play here and represent the best team in the world.

Korpela makes the differences between the Spanish league and the Finnish or Russian leagues, which he knows well, very clear: “In Spain the competition is completely different than in Russia or Finland. All teams have very good players, with a lot of technique and the game is played very quickly.”

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