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Futsal: Movistar Inter FS, in “champion mode”

Mallorca Palma Futsal (7-3); Osasuna Magna (1-3); Santa Coloma Industries (3-3); Cheese El Hidalgo Manzanares (2-6); Real Betis Futsal (3-2); Servigroup Pescala (6-4); Jimbee Cartagena (1-8). Movistar Inter FS has not suffered a defeat since February 14 last year. Seven consecutive games in which the of Alberto Riquer They have found a winning dynamic that seemed to resist at various stages of the championship.

“Work and trust in what you do every day.” This is how Jess Herrero, captain of Movistar Inter FS, sums up some of the keys that have enabled the team to turn around a not so positive dynamic followed the uncontestable 2-7 victory over Bara in Palau. Since that 13th matchday there have been four defeats and a very controversial draw against elPozo at the Jorge Garbajosa Pavilion.

It’s the not-so-good moments when it’s time to feel compassion and redirect the situation. “Because we work a lot here and cWe laugh at what we do. We all share the same goal“Recognizes the Inter goalkeeper, who, like his coach Alberto Riquer, believes that the pressure may have been too great due to the finishing problem.

Although we had good games where the team had identity and common purpose, this was not reflected in the result.

Alberto Riquer

“That aspect punished us. Although we had good games where the team had identity and collective intention, that wasn’t reflected in the result. On the one hand.” It is important that the team believes in what they are doing, but success is also important“Riquer thinks.

The last game against Cartagena, in which Movistar Inter FS won by more than 1:8, Alberto Riquer acknowledged in the aftermath that the players They deserve a resounding victory.which would show them that they are doing it right.

Movistar Inter FS

“We dominated with our game in many phases of the game. We deserved to win through assertiveness and penetration. But indoor football is a very dynamic sport, with lots of opportunities, and sometimes success decides the outcome of the game.” In other games the opposite has happened to us, that no matter how much you siege the opponent’s goal,“Due to our loss of success, we often missed points this season,” analyzes Jess Herrero, who also admits this The line between victory and defeat is “very narrow”.

This has been shown in recent years, in which, as Alberto Riquer describes, The regular league has made things almost impossible for anyone who dares to predict what could happen in a game, let alone at the end of the championship.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict who will make it to the playoffs, who will be left out or even relegated. “It’s very good for the competition and the fans that the competition is very high,” explains the Interista coach, even if, yes, Barcelona have dominated the competition in recent years.

“In terms of budget and squad, Barça is called upon to fight for titles. And our goal is to knock them off the field. We want to take their place.” We work in faith, all united, because only then can we defeat them“Says Jess Herrero, who admits that the Barça team has so much talent that if they get all the members back, As always, return to the fearsome team.

Due to the budget and the squad, Barcelona is called upon to fight for titles. And our goal is to depose him because we want to take his place.

Jess Herrero

In three days, together with the national team break, Movistar Inter and Barcelona They will meet again, this time at Jorge Garbajosa, to go one step further and storm the playoffs for the title. However, Riquer remains calm.

“This is sport. What happened yesterday no longer matters.” There is still a lot left for Barcelona’s visit. You have to concentrate and leave the victory in the past“, he warns and asks for caution, like his captain Herrero, who hopes to have all the personnel to be able to face, as always, the final and transcendent stage of the championship.


The victory at the Palacio de los Deportes in Cartagena not only gave the Movistar Inter team the power of the victory (1-8), but also increased it the debuts of Sego (David Segovia Santiago, 18 years old) and Gonzalo (Gonzalo de Miguel Martínez, 20). Beyond Montero (David Montero Dominguez) He played his second game with the league’s first team.

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