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Futsal: Futsi Atlético Navalcarnero renews its captain Leti Sánchez

Leti Sánchez and Futsi Atlético Navalcarnero each boast of a relationship that will last more than 20 years. Since then, the red and white captain has entered the club’s discipline.

A bond signed today after the captain, Who won six league titles, six cups, seven Super Cups, three European Championships and twelve Community of Madrid trophies with Futsi Atlético Navalcarnero will sign his new contract.

Futsi Atlético Navalcarnero, who will compete in the “Final 8” of the Queen’s Cup in Alhaurn de la Torre (Mlaga) next week, continues to shine with its project after the extension of Leti Sánchez joins the extension of Laura and Irene Córdoba signed last week.

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