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Futsal: Audience says goodbye to Jozi Oliveira

There were several circumstances that led me to go to Italy, but above all mental exhaustion. I didn’t feel like I was myself, happy with the things that were happening, the alarm went off, I started wondering why I should exercise and I realized that I had to revise my plans and look for a new one Had to look for a way. When I went to the Copa América with the national team in September, I had a lot of fun, but I didn’t have that feeling here. As a health professional, I cannot preach and then do it. “I no longer felt happy and given the opportunity to travel to Italy, I took the step,” says Jozi Oliveira to Rubón Burela, the goalkeeper of “La Voz de Galicia” Pescados, a few days before saying goodbye to the Burelense fans said goodbye and set off for Italy. , presumably to Bitonto C5 Femmenile, runner-up in the Women’s European Championships recently held in Burela.

They are words that make us think about longevity in sport and mental health. We understand that Jozi Oliveira feels capable of continuing at the elite level at the highest level. She doesn’t hide her dream of winning the World Cup with Brazil in 2025, but her inability to do so is having an impact on her mental health. As a psychologist, athlete and human being, he has said enough!

Tomorrow he plays his last game against Ourense OnTime (11:00, Teledeporte and RTVE Play). A game where the result is probably the least important and what matters is Jozi and those who have followed him over these 14 years. There will certainly be tears, and why not, bittersweet feelings.

Of course, Jozi made it clear that it was just a See you soon, Burela! is. Because the Brazilian woman’s love for her country and her people will always remain. As an anecdote: The Nords Hotel has put up the “Sold Out” for their tribute dinner tomorrow.

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