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Futsal: Barça wins its seventh Spanish Cup

FC BARCELONA Ddac Plana; Antonio Prez, Dyego, Catela and Adolfo. They also played: Matheus Rodrigues, Tour, Pito www 5′ and 39′, Erick Mendona, Andr Coelho w 28′, Harrison and Miquel Feixas (ps).

Trainer Jess Velasco

JAN INTERIOR PARASO Edu Sousa Gadeia, Marcel, Niiazov and Bruno Taffy. They also played: Marlon, Eric Prez, Felipe Valerio with 26′, Rafa Santos with 20′, Ricardo, Esteban, David Álvarez 40′ and Juanjo Angosto A 46′ (PS).

Trainer Dani Rodríguez

Goals 0-1 19′ Rafa Santos. 1-1 21′ Catela, penalty. 1-2 36′ Felipe Valerio. 2-2 29′ Andr Coelho. 2-3 40′ Gadeia. 3-3 21′ Catela, double penalty.

Punish: 1-0 Andre Coelho. 1-1 Marcel. 2-1 Antonio Prez. 2-2 Marlon. 2:2 Adolfo for Juanjo Angosto. 2:2 Felipe Valerio, out. 3-2. Erick Mendona 3-2 Bruno Taffy, for Miquel Feixas. 4-2. Catela

Referee: Cordero Gallardo and Carrillo Arroyo (Andalusians).

FC Barcelona won its seventh Spanish Cup against its favorite rival: ElPozo. which has already won 14 finals: five in the Spanish Cup, three in the La Liga, three in the Copa del Rey, two in the Super Cup and one in the UEFA Futsal Champions.

And it was from the hand of a man from Cadiz, Juanjo Catela, whose heart did not tremble even when he took a penalty to equalize at the start of the second half, nor when he scored a double penalty at the end of the game to take extra time, nor in the penalty shootout, for that matter to win the title.

In a very Cadiz game, with two other protagonists, also from Cádiz, Juan José Cordero Gallardo and Pedro Antonio Carrillo Arroyo, who are among the best referees in Spain, as evidenced by their appointment to referee the final of the national indoor football festival, the Spanish Cup, and which proved this yesterday in your pulse do not tremble, they remain in harmony with their mistakes.

One minute and 47 seconds left They understood that the ball that had hit Pito had hit his arm, which meant the second yellow card for the Brazilian and the expulsion for the Barça center. On the way to the dressing room, Pito explained to Marcel that the ball hit him in the shoulder and ear, which the referees did not understand.

At this time, ElPozo Murcia faces superiority aware that a goal can be worth a title. And Gadeia brought Marcel to 2:3.

And what those things are. There were just over five seconds left and Edu Sousa threw a long throw to David Álvarez, who committed a foul on André Coelho while trying to get the ball. Since it was the sixth game, the double penalty allowed Catela to force overtime (3:3).

Both teams agreed“The draw and the referees had to be the protagonists even in the penalty shootout.” First he ordered that the throw that Juanjo Angosto had given Adolfo should be repeated and later ordered him to pass the ball from Bruno Taffy to Miquel Feixas via video -Arbitration to throw again, which eventually stopped him in the replay so Catela could sign the ball that’s worth a title.

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