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Futsal: Cao de oro by Ral Campos

Ral Campos performed the miracle. It took the Spanish team thirty-six minutes to overcome the wall that Pietrangelo had built around his goal, and the Spanish captain found the gap between the Italian goalkeeper’s legs, securing a victory that brings Spain closer to the World Cup at the moment it into the playoffs. ‘, but the national team has to score points in Italy for now.

What was experienced on the square of the Palacio Multiusos in Guadalajara was an indoor football game at the highest level of competition. It is true that there is a lot at stake: they will compete in Uzbekistan and both Canillas and Bellarte did not give their rival a chance to open the classification.

Without abruptness, but with continuous intensity. The “Azzurri squad” is more against it. La Roja, on the other hand, tries all variants: with pivot, with more presence of Pablo Ramírez than Eric; with two wings, with three players from Jimbee, with three from Bara… but at the end of the first 20 minutes it was 0-0.

After the break, Albert Canillas decided to play with two finishes: Antonio Prez y Boyis; and two wingers, Catela and Adolfo, to try to fill the gap in the Italian defense that refused to play in the first half. Spain continued to accumulate chances, but the goal did not fall. Pietrangelo kept his team alive until Ral Campos controlled the ball with a long pass, turned and fired the perfect shot at the Italian goal.

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