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Futsal: Catela makes FC Barcelona even more of a frontrunner

75 seconds were controversial when Sergio González made the decision practically the first strategic move that FC Barcelona had to take the lead.

In an open game there were chances from Erick, Tour, Dyego, Tomaz, Javi Mnguez and Mellado, but they were all saved by Chemi or Ddac until Jess Izquierdo equalized with a shot from the front.

The second half was just as exciting as the first. Tomaz put Jimbee Cartagena in the lead, but without a solution for continuity, Pito restored the electronics’ parity. As both teams were heavy with fouls, there was a double penalty from Catela, which, if not, took the lead in the last 180 seconds of the game (2:3). And in the final rush, Ddac avoided Mellado’s goal.

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