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Futsal: Catela: “The Champions League is the most important thing, but we are going into the first round”

CAtela, Juan José Camacho Pérez is experiencing one of the best moments of his career at 28 years old. He is fundamental in a Barça full of stars of different nationalities and is also one of the references in the Spain of Fede Vidal and Albert Canillas, at a time when the Spanish player needs to rehabilitate. As league leaders, they host Jan Paraso and the Champions League begins next week.

Given the four losses you have suffered, how will you cope with these games?

They are facing a crucial phase with four losses. How is the team preparing for this?
It’s true we’re missing super-important teammates, but Barcelona are made for it. It is already known that there will be adversities, but the group is doing well. We just won at ElPozo Murcia, a game we scored to show good momentum. All of us teammates here are used to playing many games in a row and we do it with great enthusiasm.
Are you already thinking about the Champions League in a week or are you taking it game by game?
If we look beyond the next game we would be making a mistake. We have to take it game by game. We already saw last year that we were eliminated from the “Final Four” with one goal. What we have to do now is to think about Jan Paraso Interior, continue to be top of the league and try to be first in the Champions League.

We have to think of Jan; And when the Champions League starts, remember to pass first


Is participation in the Champions League crucial for qualification?
It’s true that we don’t have much information about what the track looks like, but that’s the system. One of the venues for this “main round” is Serbia and we will play in Loznica.
Seven goals in seven games are numbers that Juanjo Catela is proud and unusual of.
Well, the truth is that I feel good, confident and super happy to be able to help the team achieve its goals and keep working because this is just beginning.
Given that there is a World Cup next year, does Juanjo Catela plan to take part?
I think that joining the national team goes hand in hand with what you do in the team. If you do something with your club, you have more chances, but there is still a lot left before the World Cup. That’s right, I’m very focused on my work and if I get the opportunity, I’ll grab it.
Looking back, you arrived at Bara in 2022, but had to wait six months for your debut. Do you miss not being able to enjoy this season?
Well, I approached the following year with more motivation and they also won three titles against me. The 2022 Champions League is a thorn in my side, but you have to stay calm. Bara is fighting for all titles. The Champions League is a priority goal, but we are going into the first round.
What message would you send to fans?
Let them continue to trust that the team will continue to be competitive, that we started with ups and downs, but this team always fights for everything.

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