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Futsal: Champions: Brilliant comeback from the Balearic Islands Palma

MNK Olmissum: Rozga, Kustura, Bukovec, Vanha, Sekulic. They also played: Hrstic, Zilic, Sirovica, Kolobaric, Vukovik, Josip Juretic and Antonio Juretic

Balearic Islands Palma Futsal: Luan Müller; Rmulo, Rivillos, Chaguinha and Fabinho. They also played: Cleber, Moslem, Bruno Gomes, Vilian, Marcelo and Salar.

Referee: Massimo Cumbo (Italy) and David Grndal Nissen (Denmark). They warned Kolobaric (31st) and Hrstic (37th).

Goals: 1-0 10′ Kustura. 2-0 11′ Sekulic. 2-1 12′ Rivillos. 2-2 21′ Muslim. 2-3 23′ Gordillo. 2-4 29′ Muslim. 3-4 31′ Bukovec. 3-5 35′ Gordillo.

Son Moix (Palma)

Mallorca Palma Futsal has achieved a very important victory which can be of multiple value for their ambitions to defend the title of European champions until the last minute of the “Final Four” of 2024.

Above all, the emotional value of playing against a team as competitive as the Croatian MNK Olmissum, who took a two-goal lead in the first half and equalized in the second half. In addition, this comeback was thanks to players like Moslem and Gordillo, who scored double goals, and Rivillos, who prevented the great exit of the Balkan national team.

The other value of the victory is related to the comeback of KSC Lubawa against FC Hit, tomorrow’s rival of Antonio Vadillo’s team. In the event of a victory for Illes Balears Palma Futsal against the Poles and a draw between MNK Olmissum and FC Hit and even a Croatian victory, they will secure their participation in the Final Four.

The only problem is the Polish victory from KSC Lubawa turns tomorrow’s game into a final if there is a draw in the other game.

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