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Futsal: Fede Vidal announce squad for Czech Republic and Italy fixtures

Fede VidalCoach of the national futsal team, has announced the list of fourteen players called up for the first two matches of the elite qualifying round for the Uzbekistan World Cup 2024, which will take place on September 15-20.

Spain will be visiting Czech Republic in Prague on the 15th (7:00 p.m.) and is received Italy In Guadalajara the 20th (9:00 p.m.). Group D completes it Sloveniawhich the Reds will face off on October 6th and 10th.

The first in each of the five groups qualifies for the World Championshipwhile the top four seconds play two round trip playoffs.


– Goalkeeper: Jesús Herrero (Movistar Inter) and Didac Plana (Barca).

– Closures: Antonio M. Sanchez Boyis (Viña Albalí Valdepeñas), Antonio Pérez (Barca) and Francisco Tomaz Braga (Jimbee Cartagena).

– Wing closure: Miguel Angel Cano Mellado (Jimbee Cartagena).

– At: Adolfo Fernández (Barca), Javier García Chino (Jaén Paraíso Interior), Javi Minguez (Jimbee Cartagena) and Juan José Camacho Catela (Barca).

– Power forward: Raul Campos (Cheese el Hidalgo Manzanares) and Raul Gomez (Movistar Inter)

– Pivots: Pablo Ramírez (Jimbee Cartagena) and Eric Perez (El Pozo Murcia).

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