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Futsal: FIFA announces that the Women’s World Cup will be played in 2025

339 days ago, front pageIn a report by Alberto R. Barbero, the request of all football players was included on the basis of the need for a Women’s World Cup, which did not exist, only two European Championships have been held (to which the one that was held would be added). this year) and the need for universal appointment was urgent.

FIFA picked up the gauntlet and started working in this direction. We were not aware of the possibility of a 2024 event until today’s Executive Committee confirmed that the first Women’s Futsal World Cup would take place in 2025.

There will be 16 teams playing: four Europeans, three Asians, three from Conmebol, two Africans, two from Concacaf, one from Oceana, who are joined by the host. In the near future, FIFA will have to confirm what the respective qualifying phases will be, what the criteria will be for selecting the hosts and when the celebrations will take place.

Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina… Countries where women’s indoor football is widespread have never ruled out the possibility of organizing a World Cup and are waiting for FIFA’s next steps.

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