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Futsal: Gustavo da Silva, Pesk and Thiago Selba, the commitment of the Cash Alzira family to the rescue

Family Cash Alzira will sell her redemption dearly as the competition continues. To avoid relegation, the Alzireo team has made three new additions so far with the arrival of Gustavo Henrique da Silva Barbosa. Those of the young graduate and those of Pesk and Thiago Selba.

Gustavo Henrique da Silva Barbosa He is a young 22-year-old striker from So José Futsal, in which he scored 14 goals in 2023 despite being delimited. He was São Paulo U20 champion in 2020, two-time Jogos Abertos champion (2020 and 2022) and Paulista League champion in 2022. He signs for the rest of the season and two more.

Wesley Macedo da Silva, “Pesk” He is a 35-year-old center with dual Italian-Brazilian nationality. He played for Corcondiense, Carlos Barbosa and Jaragu in Brazil and for Italy’s Feldi Eboli and Napoli.

Tiago Selbach for his part He is a 33-year-old power forward who comes to Alzira from the Brazilian ACBF. In his country he also played for Copagril, Pato Futsal, Jaragu Futsal and Carlos Barbosa. In addition, Selbach has also played in Thailand (Bluewave Chonburi) and Japan (Shriker Osaka, Shinagawa City) alongside Hato Futsal and Jaragu Futsal, together with Carlos Barbosa.

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