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Futsal: Huge step towards the World Cup

Spain took another step towards the World Cup in Uzbekistan after beating Slovenia (4-0) in a superb second half with a brace from Antonio Prez and goals from Csar and Adolfo. A result that practically gives the team two options, because if they do not qualify directly, it is practically certain that they will fight in the “playoffs” for one of the two remaining spots. The resolution: next December 15th and 20th.

Twenty-nine shots, 14 saves and almost twenty-one minutes later, Antonio Pérez, playing at home in January, was playing at the Olivo Arena. He managed to overtake Berzelak, who until then had been public enemy number 1 of the Spanish attack, stopping 14 of the shots between the three sticks of Albert Canillas’ team and even trying to surprise Jess Herrero with a long-range shot.

If Antonio Pérez had made the evening bitter for Berzelak, goalkeeper of Litija and employee of Telekom Slovenije, the closure of Bara gave way to one of the local idols, Csar Velascoby Jan Paraso Interior, who shot on goal after an involuntary “assist” from Tostoskovic.

Spain had found the way and Adolfo, author of the only goal in Ljubljana, would score the third with the left foot to the pass, of course from Catela. And what had to happen happened: the national team ate up Slovenia’s morale and resistance and the fourth came, again from Antonio Pérez.

Tomislav Horvat watches as Adolfo confronts Tostoskovic.NZS.SL

Slovenia has since tried a player goalkeeper, Transferring responsibility to Fidersek, a measure the Slovenian coach used frequently in Litija. A measure that did not change the outcome of the game, but gave Fidersek a few scares due to the Spaniards’ long-range shots.


Olive sand (Jan) 4,034 spectators

SPAIN: Jess Herrero; Raya, Catela, Adolfo and Pablo Ramrez. Also playing: Tomaz, César, Chino, Gordillo, Boyis, Antonio Pérez and Ral Gómez.

SELECTOR: Albert Canillas

SLOVENIA: Berzelak; Turk, Vesel, Tostoskovic w 28′ and Osredkar. Also playing: Bukovic, Janez, Ceh, Fidersek and Cop.

SELECTOR: Tomislav Horvat.

GOAL: 1-0 21′ Antonio Prez. 2-0 28′ Caesar. 3-0 31′ Adolfo. 4-0 36′ Antonio Prez.

REFEREES: Gabor Kovcs and Norbert Szylgyi (Hungary).

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