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Futsal: Intercontinental: The dream of Mallorca Palma Futsal in the paradise of Iguau

Mallorca Palma Futsal (Illes Balears Palma Futsal, mucho monta monta mucho) is now the best indoor football team in Europe. (14 games unbeaten in the UEFA Futsal Champions confirm this). Now the challenge for Antonio Vadillo’s team is to take another step, and what a step: to conquer the world by winning the Cascavel Futsal in the early hours of Thursday to Friday (00:30).

Mallorca Palma Futsal had to go to the paradise of Foz de Iguau to achieve the second most important victory in its history. And it was precisely against the backdrop of the Iguau Falls that Antonio Vadillo, Carlos Barrón and Cleber appeared at the presentation of the game. For the occasion, the goalkeeper and captain wore the commemorative white and blue jersey, which pays tribute to Air Europa, the club’s oldest sponsor. while Cleber wore the jersey they will wear in the game, in the colors of the Balearic Islands.

Cleber, Antonio Vadillo, Carlos Barrón and José Tirado in Iguau Falls Park

Cleber recognizes that it is a special game, especially for the Brazilians, as it is being played in their country: “We are very happy, especially the Brazilians, to be here. We are very focused and want to win this title, let’s go for that. We have to do our thing. “We know that it will be a very complicated game, that it will be fought until the end.” He dreams of seeing a goalkeeper: “In my country and in a final? I want to score, but on our team if one player doesn’t stand out, the other player stands out.”

Mallorca Palma Futsal, after completing one of his doubles sessions at Gin

Mallorca Palma Futsal, after completing one of its double sessions at the Ginsio Costa CavalcanteMALLORCA PALMA FUTSAL

Antonio Vadillo, Balearic coach, He appreciates the exciting experience they live: “Everything that surrounds this adventure is very enriching and involves a lot of learning. Maybe once in a lifetime we play the Intercontinental Cup.”

He believes they have created a plan commensurate with the effort the Intercontinental Cup will require: “It was a good idea to come three days in advance. Yesterday we were very tired from the trip. The contact was very good for us. We have to adapt to the context, to the situation.”

Cascavel Futsal’s analysis is as follows: “They are a very organized, very compact rival. They have been doing well for several seasons. They are very good in individual duels, they have experienced players in the Spanish league. We are aware that they will be playing practically at home and they will fill the pavilion with their fans. It will be a complex game, but we have to concentrate on ourselves and stay at our level.”

The Cascavel Futsal, which already exists in Iguau will try to redeem themselves after being eliminated from their championship following a defeat against Atlntico (7-8). The “Tricolor Snake” had to face the new challenge.

Cascavel Futsal, the “Tricolor Snake”, in Igua

Cascavel Futsal, the “Tricolor Snake”, in IguauChristian Rizzi/ World of Football

The Intercontinental Cup will be played again after its discontinuation due to the Covid’19 pandemic. The current champions are Magnus Futsal, who won their third consecutive Intercontinental Cup in Bangkok.

Mallorca Palma Futsal could be the third Spanish team to win it afterwards that Movistar Inter, king of the competition with five titles, and Naturpellet Segovia with one title have already made it. The Ftbol Club Barcelona and Playas de Castellón also took part. Movistar Inter was the last Spanish team to win it, 12 years ago, in Alcal de Henares, against Carlos Barbosa.

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