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Futsal: May it always be December 3rd

On December 3, 2000, in a bullring in Guatemala, Spain achieved its first major achievement in indoor soccer: winning the World Cup after defeating Brazil. with two goals from Javi Rodríguez in the final phase of the game, which ultimately led to victory over “Canarinha” (4:3).

Since that day, Jess Clavera, Julio García, Santi Herrero, Adeva, Orol, Joan, Javi Rodríguez, Kike, Javi Sánchez, Paulo Roberto, Riquer, Luis Amado, Daniel, Guillermo and Ricardo, led by Javier Lozano and his coaching staff, are you are already history in our sport, not just in indoor football.

23 years have passed and it was a day of heartfelt memories, of anecdotes surrounding this World Cup, like the one that Gustavo Muana told in “Relevo”. Memories accompanied by statements from those who carried them out on that December 3rd.

The National Indoor Soccer League also produced a report of the exciting days in Guatemala that led La Roja to pin his first star on his chest. The day after tomorrow, December 5th, it will be 19 years since the second star was won: in Chinese Taipei against Italy (2-1). Kike and Marcelo got the game going again, Zanetti and Luis Amado closed the gap. Rafa. Paco Sedano, Julio, Orol, Kike, Torras, Fran Serrejn, Javi Rodríguez, Andreu, Limones, Pipe, Cogorro and Marcelo, led by Javier Lozano and his coaching staff, were once again the heroes.

The champion in Taiwan in 2004EFE

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