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Futsal: Movistar Inter-ElPozo Murcia: Long live the “Clásico”!

Movistar Inter and ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida will compete tomorrow (9:30 p.m., RTVE Play, Teledeporte) in the 106th edition of the Spanish Futsal Classic. A confrontation that in the past has gone in favor of the team from Torrejón de Ardoz, which has won it thanks to 34 victories from Murcia and 17 draws in more than half of all the games played (53).

However, Alberto Riquer’s men are not at the best time for results in this event. The change in trend that occurred with the arrival of the new coach in Jorge Garbajosa’s team was interrupted in the last three games. After the spectacular victory at the Palau Blau Grana (2-7) in one of the best futsal games in recent times, Movistar Inter lost consecutively to Viña Albali Valdepeñas, Noia Portus Apostoli and Family Cash Alzira, relegating Riquer’s to eighth place Table.

Tomas Drahovsky, Movistar Inter player, confirmed in the official media that they are starting the year 2024 with new vigor and without too much hindsight: “We started the year with enthusiasm and, moreover, with a game that is very important for us. Personally, I am very excited about my recovery. “I have worked a lot in these weeks.”

It is important to strengthen our defense and be successful in front of goal


The key for the Slovakian could be to defend well and be successful in attack: “We know that it is a team that attacks a lot and scores a lot of goals. I think it’s important to strengthen our defense and be successful in front of goal.”

ElPozo Murcia players celebrate one of Felipe Valerio’s two goals in the first round.PASCU MÉNDEZ/ELPOZO MURCIA

Felipe Valerio was the key player for ElPozo Murcia in the first round. Well, it was his two goals that turned the game around after Lazarevic gave the Torrejoneros the lead. The Brazil international is clear that victory is essential for them: “Our goal is to win to stay at the top of the table and with a view to the playoffs, playing as many games as possible at home, the better .”

Movistar Inter is a great team, they have good players in all positions


He praises his rival tomorrow: “Movistar Inter is a great team, they have very good players in all positions.” “It will be an intense game, but I think if we play like we did in the last two games of last year, we can win.”

Looking to the future, ElPozo Murcia, According to various sources, Adrián Rivera, 2022 European U19 champion in Jaén and Wanapix Sala 10 Zaragoza striker for next season, has already been signed.

After this day it will stop the league on the occasion of the national team competitions, although in reality only the Copa América will be played, between February 2nd and 10th. However, the round of 16 will take place between Tuesday and Wednesday. the Copa del Rey, in which both teams expect great games. Movistar Inter hosts FC Barcelona (Tuesday 16, 9:00 p.m.). And at the same time, ElPozo Murcia visits Jimbee Cartagena in the first of three derbies in the Murcia region (at the expense of whatever happens in the playoffs in the next two months).

The 17th matchday ends with these games:

Industrias Santa Coloma-ATP Lighting Tudelano Ribera Navarra Today, 7:30 p.m

Real Betis-Jaén Paraíso Interior Today, 8:30 p.m

Osasuna Magna-Viña Albali Valdepeñas Today, 9:00 p.m

Jimbee Cartagena Family Cash Alzira. Tomorrow, 1:00 p.m

Cheese El Hidalgo Manzanares-Mallorca Palma Futsal. Tomorrow, 4 p.m

World Heritage Site Córdoba – Noia Portus Apostoli. Tomorrow, 6:00 p.m

Servigroup Peñíscola-FC Barcelona. Tomorrow, 8 p.m

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