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Futsal: Pito will be eternal in Bara

Yesterday, FC Barcelona officially announced the renewal of possibly the best indoor football player in the world. Jean Pierre Guisel Costa “Pito”, who extends his contract, which expires in June 2024, for three more seasons until 2027, which will allow him to continue as a Barça player until he is 36 years old.

In addition to this great news, there are two more, because tomorrow Saturday Jesús Velasco can count on two of his injuries, who have already recovered: Miquel Feixa and Matheus Rodrigues. He can also count on Harrison, who scored for the reserves today. All this to receive Osasuna Magna Xota at the Palau Blau Grana (6:00 p.m.). A great performance is expected in the game that will open the Spanish Cup exactly on March 21, 2024.

To Bara, what is of Bara. Pito himself, Ferrao and Sergio Lozano were honored at the Mondo do Futsal gala in Foz d’Iguau.

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