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Futsal: Tasting of the tapa “Mallorca Palma Futsal 2024”.

Mallorca Palma Futsal already knows its new cover. Jos Tirado, general director of the company, and players Carlos Mario Rivillos and Bruno Gomes visited the Veldrom Illes Balears today, after the team’s morning training, to hold their now traditional annual meeting with Horeca, a reference trade fair for hotel and restaurant professionals.

They all visited the different standswith particular attention to Juvimar – Climaes, where the chef and master rice cooker Kike Mart was responsible for the creation of the Tapa Mallorca Palma Futsal 2024, a paella with Iberian secret and sobrasada.

The general manager and the three players were the first tasters of the delicious rice tapa, This allowed them to gather strength for the resumption of the competition in ten days.

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