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Futsal: The Balearic Islands Palma play the pass against FC Hit from Kiev

Balearic Islands Palma Futsal: Luan Müller; Rmulo, Rivillos, Chaguinha and Fabinho. They also played Moslem, Gordillo, Cleber, Marcelo, Bruno Gomes and Vilian.

KSC Lubava: Victor Lopez; Kaniewski, Adriano Lemos, Mrowiec and Jankowski They also played: Claudinho, Pedro Silva, Everton, Raszkowski, Kriezel, Sendlewski and Martín Dosa.

Goals: 1-0 14′ Marcelo 1-1 17′. Raszkowski. 2-1 34′ Bruno Gomes 3-1 37′ Moslem

referee: Massimo Cumbo (Italy) and Miguel Castilho (Portugal). They warned Lemos (2nd minute) and Mrowiec (8th minute).

Balearic Palma Futsal had to live up to its win against KSC Lubawa as the Polish side, aided by a great performance from Toledo goalkeeper Vctor López, kept the score level well into the second half.

Bruno Gomes’ faith allowed him to fight until the final rejection of Vctor López. in the action that led to 2-1. Marcelo had previously equalized with a good move from Raszkowski. The lead on the scoreboard allowed Antonio Vadillo’s team to play a little more calmly and the score was 3-1 for Moslem, the great beacon of the Balearic offensive.

With this two-goal lead, KSC Lubawa was eliminated from the battle for the “Final Four”., against which Illes Balears Palma has an advantage over FC Hit Kiev, which still has options. A win or a draw would give Vadillo’s team victory. If FC Hit Kiev wins on Saturday and the Poles also beat MNK Olmissum, they would need a two-goal lead to overcome the goal difference in the three-way tie (although KSC Lubawa is eliminated, they can intervene in the three-way tie).

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