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Futsal: Tomaz: “It is an honor and a responsibility to play for Spain”

TOmaz Braga Nunes Cavalcante (Fortaleza, Cear (Brazil)) will become the tenth Brazilian nationalized Spaniard to make his national team debut this afternoon when Albert Canillas, replacement for Fede Vidal in this FIFA window. Tomaz tells us about his impressions before the debut.

What does it mean for you to make your debut in the Spanish national futsal team?
It is a great honor and a great responsibility. There are only a few privileged people who can achieve this.
Paulo Roberto, who now plays for Jimbee Cartagena, was the first to play for Spain. Did he say something to you?
He didn’t tell me anything, but Paulo Roberto knew before I did. Yes, there was a bit of banter.
How did you decide to obtain dual Spanish citizenship?
I started doing this years ago when my daughter was born and I was looking for stability for my family in Spain. We started the process, but the pandemic came and everything came to a standstill. We came back to it later and in June the Spanish constitution was sworn in.
What did your family and friends in Brazil tell you?
They are very happy for me and understand that I have made this decision.
If Spain and Brazil qualified for the World Cup, would their hearts be divided when it came to a match between them?
(smiles). I understand, but I hope you’ll go with me
What did the coach Fede Vidal say to you when he called you?
I spoke to him and he asked me what I can contribute, muscles in the closing position, my position defense in the opponent’s center, although I can also do more.
Spain must take part in the World Cup in Uzbekistan next year, but the group is not easy.
It’s clear. The differences are getting smaller every day and we had a complicated group with rivals at the level of Italy, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. We have to do our best.
A call that comes months after football was chosen as the best way to end the season
It makes me proud that they chose me. Mallorca Palma Futsal’s great season in which we won the European Cup certainly made my work more seen and appreciated.
How were your first months at Jimbee Cartagena?
The club is very good, from the outside it might not give that feeling, but it is a team that is growing a lot and has a high level of professionalism at all levels. They treat me very well.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you have four players to choose from.
They worked very well together, both collectively and individually, and Mellado, Pablo and Javi Mnguez deserve it with their work.

and he did a season.

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