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Futsal: Women’s national team: first test in Italy passed (1-3)

ITALY Sestari, Coppari; Borges, Boutimah, Adamatti and Pratic, They also played: Grieco, Mansueto, Belli, Bert, Dal’Maz, Ferrara and Carturan. Trainer: Francesca Salvatore.

SPAIN: Silvia, Peque, Vane Sotelo, Anita Lujn and Irene Samper. They also played: Noelia, Laura, Marina, Luci, Benete, Ari, Una, Sanz, Irene. Trainer: Cludia Pons

GOALS: 0-1. 13′ Irene Crdoba. 0-2. 17′ Noelia. 1-2. 19′ Vanelli. 1-3. 39′ small.

REFEREE: Simone Zanfino and Stefania Candria. Dal’Maz (13th), Borges (19th) and Bert (34th) were cautioned

Spain beat Italy 1-3 in Scandicci in the first of the two games that both teams will play on Italian soil. A match in which Cludia Pons was able to have Anita Lujn, Peque and Vane Sotelo back on the pitch in the same quintet, along with the rest of the artillery that the Spanish team has, and in which they also added two new players to the matter with the debuts of Ari and Marin.

From the start the team suffered from Italy’s attacks, that she wants to eat at the table of the greats of Europe and that the game against Spain is an opportunity to prove it, until a connection between Silvia and Irene Córdoba paved the way to victory for the Cludia Pons team. At the far post, Noelia made it 0-2, Vanelli reduced the deficit until Peque, with his usual mastery, punished the goalkeeper Francesca Salvatore in the final period of the game.

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