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Futsal: Women’s national team: Victory in Sweden (3-9)

brinova Arena (Karlskrona, Sweden)

SWEDEN: Olsson; Fors, Stegius, Lindqvist and Aguilar. They also played: Kiryo, Lundström, Rolin, Glans, Gilkes, Grav and Larsson and Rangemyr.

Voters: Niklas Asp.

SPAIN: Marta, Laura Crdoba, Marian, Mara Sanz and Irene Crdoba. They also played: Irene Samper, Vane Sotelo, Rocio, Anita, Noelia, Laura Fernndez, Laura Ua and Benete.

GOALS: 0-1 7′ Laura Ua. 0-2 21′ Laura Fernndez. 0-3 22′ Mara Sanz. 0-4 23′ Noelia. 0-5 24′ Marian. 0-6 25′ Vane Sotelo. 0-7 29′ Stegius, (pp) 0-8 32′ Laura Crdoba. 1-8 34′ Rangemyr. 2-8 35′ Noelia, (pp). 3-8 35′ Acorn. 3-9 39′ Laura Crdoba.

Voters: Cludia Pons.

Referee: Daniel Vigtoft Sorensen (Denmark) and Kastriot Gerxhaliu (Sweden). Lindqvist was reprimanded.

The women’s team achieved victory in the first of two friendly matches against Sweden in Karlskrona In a game in which seven of the Cludia Pons players scored, Laura Crdoba and Noelia scored a brace.

However, the Spaniards were unable to convert the difference into goals. This currently exists between the two teams until the second half, where a spectacular start from the Cludia Pons team allowed them to go from 0-1 at half-time to 0-6. Then the exchange of goals took the game to the last three -9.

Spain, on the other hand, belongs to the group of national teams this could be the venue for the 2025 World Cup. Italy is among the teams also applying to host the event.

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