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Indoor football: 33 years of classics

The history of national indoor football, Organized since 1989 around the LNFS, later the Spanish Football Federation, it could be summarized under their different names in the history of the confrontations between ElPozo Murcia and Movistar Inter.

However, we would miss a year as the competitive system that existed in the early seasons prevented them from seeing each other in 1989/90. The Murcians, divided into different groups, did not fight for the title in the playoffs and did not face the then Intervi Lloyd’s. We had to wait for the fifth day of the following season, when Murcia and the then Alcobendas-based teams began a rivalry that was now transformed into Clsico and ended with a 5-7 win for Movistar.

That on Saturday at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia (7:00 p.m., Teledeporte and RFEFTV) So it will be chapter 107 of this exciting duel that they have gone through, are going through and will go through. the greatest players and coaches in world futsal.

The balance sheet is favorable for Movistar Interwhich has won 54 of the previous 106 Clsicos, with 17 draws and 35 wins for ElPozo Murcia, a record that benefits the interests of Torrejn players both home and away.


The goal record also speaks for him: 422 come from the shoes of players of the “blue machine” and 355 from the “white-red machine”, which guarantees that about seven goals can be scored in each of their games, in the target 4-3 ratio those scored today by Pato be led.

According to their title, they are deserving members of the national indoor football aristocracy: 21 for the Mediterranean population and 67 for the people of Madrid. And they are also united by the fact that their projects, both that of Javi Rodríguez and that of Pato, who are spending their second season on the respective benches, are aimed at regaining the path to titles, creating incentives and at the same time applying maximum pressure Time.

On the pitch you see talent, talent and talent.

Names like Niyazov, Marlon, Felipe Valerio Juanjo Angosto, Edu Sousa, Ricardo Mayor, Gadeia, Jess Herrero, Ral Gómez, Raya, Fits, Jari, Drahovsky, Lazarevic, Terry Prestjord, eight different nationalities on the pitch, for every audience and everyone increase the enjoyment of indoor football.

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