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Indoor football: A round of the Queen’s Cup without surprises

The second round of the Queen’s Cup held no surpriseswhich meant that the sixteen teams of the Primera Iberdrola will face each other in the round of 16.

The current champion, Pescados Rubn Burela, They started defending their title, leaving Wanapis Aldeliis Intersala 10 Zaragoza on the way.

Wanapis Aldeliis InterSala 10 Zaragoza. 1; Rubn Burela Fish, 6

Bembrive 1; LBTL sewer, 6

Osasuna Futsal, 2; CDE Leganes FS Masdeporte, 4

FEME Castelln CFS, 0; ARRIVAL DISPLAY Alcorcón, 5

Desguace Pars La Algaida, 0; Poio Pescamar FS, 3

Martos FS Jan Paraso Interior, 1; Viaxes Amarelle FS, 3

Ceuta Sports Group, 0; AE Les Corts UBAE3

CD Chiloeches, 3; Atlético Navalcarnero, 5

CD Segosala, 1; STV Roldn, 2

CFS Gran Canaria Teldeportivo 1; Ourense On time, 3

CN Caldes, 0; Torreblanca Melilla CF, 5

Lainco Rub,2; FS Rayo Majadahonda AFAR 4 FSF, 3

CDC Salesianos Puertollano, 2; MRB Mstoles FSF, 3

CDE FS Villacaas1; Atltico Torcal FS round nuts, 5

The Piper Rodiles FSF 5; ENCE Marn Futsal, 8

Zaragoza Room, 1; FSF Castro Cando blocks, 5

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