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Indoor football: Spanish Cup: Jan Paraso Interior, against Quesos El Hidalgo Manzanares

Jan Paraso Interior, reigning Spanish Cup champions, whose ball landed in first place and was assigned number 8 as FC Barcelona and ElPozo Murcia were assigned balls 1 and 5 respectively due to their seeding ball status, will face Quesos in the quarterfinals El Hidalgo Manzanareswhose ball came out on third and equaled 7. This game will be played on Friday, March 22nd.

At the top of the table, FC Barcelona will play against Osasuna Magna on Thursday; while Movistar Inter will also face European and Intercontinental champions Mallorca Palma Futsal on Thursday. In the other part of the draw, ElPozo Murcia will face Jimbee Cartagena in the quarterfinals on Friday. like last season.

The Spanish Cup draw took place at the Roman Theater in Cartagena. City that will host the competition from March 21 to 24, 2024. A draw attended by representatives of the leading teams.

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