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Jose Morais, get yourself together!

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March 11, 1402 at 2:30 a.m


The teams competing for the championship were placed on the rail:

After three weeks, the competing teams have found a good tactical shape, but Sepahan still has unknown conditions.

According to “Varzesh Se”, the teams fighting for the Premier League championship have found their team form in the first three weeks of the second half of the season by reaching the starting lineup and collecting the necessary points will take a step towards the championship, but Sepahan suffered two consecutive defeats against Al-Hilal and a defeat against Esteghlal due to two games behind. Due to the suspensions and strange transfers as well as the weakness in the defensive line and the departure of their young defensive midfielder, their starting line-up has changed.

Independence: Tactics-oriented and stability in conclusion


Esteghlal are still at the top of the table with Javad Nekonam and after several draws in a row at the end of the first half of the season, they started the second half of the season with 5 points and got a draw against the stubborn Melvan team. Not a bad result, but what is important is that They have found their team structure and main composition, and although the head coach of this team was not happy with the transfers of his team, he has, by and large, made good use of his two new additions to the composition of this team and they have found their place in the team.

With the 3-5-2 that Nekonam implements in Esteghlal, there are no tactical deficiencies in their team, and each player has found their place in the composition and team structure and they implement the plans well in the games, and that’s it , what makes them special You can get 3 points in home games and have the chance to achieve the minimum number of points in difficult away games. This can be the formula for the Blues’ championship if they apply a little accuracy and get 3 points away from home.

Persepolis: Osmar Viera has gained trust!


Two wins in a row against Tractor and Zob Ahan have improved things for Osmar and with the good players he has he will be hoping to get results in the second half of the season. The changes made in the offensive structure will be aimed at improving Compared to the first half of the season, some changes will be made in the composition of the Persepolis team. It seems that Osmar Vieira’s Persepolis will play a little more offensively than Yahya’s team for the rest of the season, and this shows that he knows what he wants from his team and needs time to fully implement his ideas and still collect the necessary points .

Traktor: Khamz has lined up its stars


The tractor team has good players in defense and attack, and their only weakness is the defensive midfielder, who has been reduced in this position due to the presence of several imaginative and creative players in the center of the battlefield, but the solution is Khamez in the game with Esteghlal Khuzestan used to improve it. Using Miltich and Hosseinzadeh in the winger position and adding them to the midfield for pressure and numerical superiority was the result, more time is needed and this decision will pay off in big games and Tractor can score like he did at the end of the first half of the season. He’ll get the perfect perfect or he’ll face the fluctuation again.

The presence of Arslan Motahari and Rahman Jafari alongside Mehdi Abdi brings three classic players to the front of Tractor’s attack line, and given the creative midfielders in this team, Tractor A The team becomes a contender.

Sepahan: Jose Morais, reach your rivals!


The well-known Portuguese head coach of Sepahan had led a great team onto the field in the first half of the season, but the many leeway and changes that were made in this team and the difficult games they played recently made them worried whether he can give stability back to his team. Or will it be far from the championship course in delayed games?

They suffered six defeats in a row and the key to this story is Morais’ hand in uniting his team and turning the situation around by using the nationally dressed and well-known players at his disposal. Hadi Mohammadi has been in the Premier League for many years and Mohammad Daneshgar and Siavash Yazdani spent the golden era with Esteghlal in the Premier League. Their problem is more psychological and this team needs a calm dressing room and stability in the main lineup.

Meanwhile, Mehdi Tartar, Mojtabi Hosseini, Marinos and several other coaches have put together good teams to compete with the competitors and in case of sloppiness and weakness in finishing, there is a possibility that they will be among the top 4 teams. They are following the season with particular motivation and enthusiasm, aiming for a single-digit placement and a place among the top teams and do not want to lag behind in this competition.


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