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Indoor football: Movistar Inter and Industrias Garca for the “playoffs” in the Jorge Garbajosa

Tomorrow we fully enter the final third of the competition, There is still a lot to decide. At Jorge Garbajosa, Movistar Inter (seventh in the standings) hosts Industrias Santa Coloma (ninth) (9:00 p.m.), with the intention of continuing to climb up the standings and avoiding a direct rival that has already beaten them in the first round (2 :1) overtook him in the table and also surpassed him in “Golaverage”.

Cecilio, one of the captains of Movistar Inter, takes the floor with four seasons of visits from Telefónica Blue. The Córdobas accept the demands of the rival that awaits them tomorrow: “They are a strong rival and we must continue with the momentum that we are creating. We have won two games and we have to approach it with the composure it deserves.”

As for the irregularities that haunt Alberto Riquer’s men, Cecilio sees it this way: “If you are in a bad dynamic, it is important to win the first game to be able to counteract it. The results weren’t good, but the team play helped.”

Movistar Inter’s goal is to win the game over the result: “Looking ahead to the next game and the month of March, we have to realize that we have to follow this momentum.”

Industrias Santa Coloma relies on the effectiveness of the tandem formed by Khalid and Lex, as they have together scored 31 goals (1.55 per game) of the 73 scored by the third highest scorer in the first division of Spanish indoor football.

Dani Saldise, at the microphones of Radio MARCA NavarraNAVARRA BRAND RADIO


The Navarrese team is trying to get hooked to fight for privileged positions and to escape the danger zone. Dani Saldise appeals to his fans in statements to Radio MARCA Navarra: “One of the things I came back from is to see Anaitasuna fully again… The fans are the incentive that can often make the difference between small details.” .

The team is sworn in. “We have to do everything in our power to ensure that the three points stay in Anaitasuna,” admits Dani.

Looking to the future, David Pea, who has let his contract expire, has committed to Mallorca Palma Futsal for four seasons, similar to what the Btico Piqueras will do.


Buses from Jan Paraso Interior, departing in JanuaryJAN INTERIOR PARASO

Dani Rodríguez, trainer of Jan Paraso Interior, has published the list of 14 players traveling to Pamplona: Espndola, Joao Salla, Dani Zurdo, Arnon, Pablo del Moral, Nem, Renato, Alan Brandi, Chino, Mchel, Dudu, César, Taborda and Mati Rosa. A team from Jaen that continues to aim for second place.


Jimbee Cartagena’s intention is to “get on with the game,” as he announces on his party poster.

Jimbee Cartagena poster announcing the game.

Jimbee Cartagena poster announcing the game.JIMBEE CARTAGENA

Duda tells his players: “Be humble, put your feet on the ground and work hard.”

For her part, Juanma Marrube, coach of ATP Iluminacin Tudelano Ribera Navarra, assessed the game as follows: “Cartagena has very decisive players in all positions who put you under a lot of pressure. So we will suffer, but we must try to minimize their potential and punish them with our proposal.”

Those from Tudela are training today at the Sports Palace in Cartagena.

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