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Osmar: National players are on their way to Qazvin!

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Maybe Alishah will make it to tomorrow’s game;

Brazilian assistant Yahya Golmohammadi says there is a possibility Alishah will be present in tomorrow’s game.

According to Varzesh Se, Osmar Vihera went to the press conference in the absence of Yahya Golmohammadi and while everything was affected by Morteza Pouraliganji’s cruciate ligament rupture, he answered reporters’ questions.

* Pouraliganji’s injury?
We hope that Morteza always comes back stronger than before. The conditions were very bad and one can say that it was bad luck for Persepolis and Morteza. This has happened to some of our young and promising players before. Morteza was considered one of the team’s important players and leaders and now we have to look for a solution so that we can continue our work without him. Now is an opportunity for players like Giorgi and Farshad, who have fewer opportunities to play, to shine. These players played important games for us last season.

* Presence of players in the national team?
It is very good to have good national team players in the team, but there are also these problems. Teams get into trouble when their players leave on FIFA days. The players played yesterday and then traveled and now they are still on the way to Qazvin and we are still not sure about their condition and will have to see what condition they are in.

*Omid Alishah?
Omid felt injured in the first week and now there are a few hours left until the game and we have to see if he makes it to the game or not.

* Playing with arrows?
The most important thing is to be able to recover the players well so that they can achieve good playing conditions. We can’t think about the game if our players don’t have rest conditions. For big teams like Persepolis, who play in multiple cups and we now play in three cups, we must have a solution to these problems. We have a good technical team and a good bodybuilding trainer and we will definitely think about solving this problem. Of course there was a problem when the games were stopped and we only trained for weeks and now we have games every three to four days and that is also a challenge. But we are here to solve the challenges.

* Absence of Yahya in the press conference?
Mr Golmohammadi apologized for not attending the press conference as we had an important technical meeting and he should have been at the meeting and talked about tomorrow’s match.

* Gulmohammadi’s request for cancellation of Fifadi and now Pour Aliganji’s injury in Fifadi?
It’s a bit difficult to talk about. Because I don’t know what Mr. Yahya said about it. When I think about ourselves, of course I want the players to be with us so that we can take care of them and train with us, but on the other hand, this is a chance for the national team to have an official game. I think decisions should be made that are good for all of Iranian football, both the national team and the clubs.

* Mehdi Tarabi’s injury?
Now he is ready to play and in good physical condition. Last season one of our key players was on the way to the championship and he may not have reached that form yet, but he has a good chance for tomorrow’s game. He is ready to play, but we have to wait and see whether he plays or not.

Qazvin land quality?
I haven’t seen it, but we sent one of our colleagues and he confirmed that the quality of the turf is good.

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