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Persepolis has to remove two players from the list

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February 23, 1402 at 02:39


Register Ornov’s contract and recruit a new player

The Persepolis club needs to create a vacant spot on its team’s adult roster.

According to the report of “Varzesh Se”, after the recruitment of Auston Oronov, the Reds’ new Uzbek midfielder, the number of players on the foreign list of this team has reached seven people, and now one of these people must be removed from the team list.

That being said, in recent days there has been discussion about Persepolis recruiting a new foreign attacker and even mentioning various options for this purpose, but if Persepolis intends to recruit another foreign attacker, it will have to remove another foreign player from its team List.

At the same time, if the Persepolis club removes Nabil Bahoui from its list in order to register Oronov’s contract, a place will become available in the adult list of this team, and in this situation this club can recruit a new Iranian player.


It is said that the Persepolis club is considering options for recruiting a defensive midfielder and this vacant position may be given to Mohammad Khodabandelou as this player recently failed to show up for Mes Rafsanjan’s training and wants to leave the club.

On the other hand, if the Persepolis club wants to acquire another foreign attacker in addition to Nabil Bahoui, it should remove the name Vahdat Hananov from its list, but perhaps this player will not be happy with it due to the number of pistachios.

In such a situation, it seems that Persepolis’ winter transfers will finally end with the recruitment of an adult Iranian midfielder. However, none of the new signings’ contracts have not been registered and this club’s transfer window is closed.

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